Winter horror style

Hi everyone!

The other day while going to the University I got to thinking about a question that I think it is imposed in the fashion market a few years ago .

I noticed two girls who walked in front of me and were dressed in leggings , baggy coats and boots. Both looked the same . But the question is not that, anywhere I looked at, all girls were the same! . Why associate having to bundle up to that sporty way ?

I think it's very sloppy . In addition to this every girl wore a ponytail (understandable by the wind ) . But what about the style? And about class? I do not understand . There are beautiful clothes for winter . I 'm not saying wearing gala clothes, it's obviously inappropriate , but skinny jeans, a turtleneck , multicolor necklace , boots with some heels and a long coat is ideal. Don't you think so?

In my opinion every time the fashion industry is moving more mainstream but people do not do this . When something fashionable is imposed , everyone sticks to that fashion ( as transient as any other ) and neglects other options.

We have to become aware that fashion is not only wearing what is fashion of the moment, but continually innovate, take risks , and offer something new distinction . Girls, some advice: let leggings for sports and get close to a prêt-a-porter fashion store. There are very well priced items and with a little effort you will look a much more girlie and chic!

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