Why Business&Fashion?

Many of you may be asking why a blog...well that's a question I'd like to anwer.

First of all, the blog title. Business and fashion. Why that? Business Management is the degree I'm studing at the University and since I started I've realised I love it. It's really my thing. Since childhood I've always played "shops" and when I was at High School Entreprises was my favourite subject. So I decide to study it.

Then I get to the Selectivity Exam and as I had a high mark I decided to do a Double-Degree. But I didn't know which. I thought about Business Managent and Politics, Law or Communication. I decided the last one because I was born to communicate. I love showing my convincing skills to everybody. And this was a very good way to focus at Fashion, my passion.

I love fashion. I can say nothing more. I've neve gone to a College to sudy it but I've been always concerned about it and I've learned by myself. I would like to write about waht I see everyday combining businesses and fashionists. I'm not very sure about how I'll do it but....I'll do it!

And that's how Business&Fashion was born. Finally, the picture. It is a painting from Paula Varona. She is a Spanish painter and I love her. My city is Madrid and as I'm in love with it, I chose that picture which is perfect for me.

Thank you for visiting me guys, I'll write soon!

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