Say yes to tracksuits!

Hello everyone!

I was studying  for the University and this is the definition of usability : effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with a product that allows specific users achieve specific goals in a specified context of use (ISO / IEC 9241 )

What does this mean? Usability of a multimedia design should be measured depending on what , for whom and by when you are creating . Well, I can then say that the fashion market is doing just that : usability.

Do not be horrified by wearing a tracksuit . There are beautiful sportswear and that feels really good . You just have to know when and how to wear it . Clearly for sport , but we can not just use a tracksuit here , but we can take it in any other situation where this is not inappropriate.

I am not saying that there is a boom in the use of  tracksuits ( God saves me!) , because it is true that there are people who are not removed even at work, but rationalize their use and learn how to combine it would be a very good idea.

Adidas , the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world, sales 289 million euros , representing a significant number to be in the sports fashion market .

So readers , say yes to the tracksuit and dare to use it. Combine it , personalize it ... and take care about not falling into its clutches , once it catches is very hard to leave it!

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